As you already understood, my name is Ellen Onrust.

I grew up in a real sports environment. Tennis has always been my passion and that is why I soon became a tennis coach at different clubs. At the same time, I found out that the business matters also offered me challenges and were very satisfying to me. I made policy plans, hold office on various committees and organized tournaments and training camps.

I also grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. My parents ran a sport specialty store in Zaandam and infected me with the entrepreneurs spirit at an early age. When I took over their store in 1987, I got in touch with all aspects of running a business; interaction with customers, personnel policy, administration, communication… you name it!

As an entrepreneur, I sat around the table with purchasing agents a lot. Too much actually, because a good procurement policy costs a lot of valuable time. This could be done better. I took on the challenge and changed to the procurement side. I held different positions at Mexx Sport, Topshelf Megastores, Intersport and Sport2000. 

What I have been wanting so long, has got the space to develop. My lifelong experiences with the world of sports, running a business and procuring combined  in one formula; Ellen Onrust Retail Service.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Ellen Onrust