For entrepreneurs:

As an entrepreneur, selling is often in your blood. You try to make the customer enthusiastic and you know better than anybody else what the customer desires. Translating the demand into procurement, however, turns out to be a tough, time-consuming and sometimes even discouraging task. Moreover, the worlds of sports and fashion has an ever-changing taste, as well as offer. With Ellen Onrust Retail Service, procurement will be faster, easier and smarter. As a partner, I can advise, support and coach you, but also take over your entire purchase pathway.

I could, for example, help you with working out and improving the budgets and analyzing the results. Or I could help you with offering close-out products and handling the fast slow movers. Working together also means that I can get you better procurement conditions. Think about high discounts or a resale regulation. There is a lot more possible than you might think!

Let's exchange ideas, no strings attached.

For suppliers:

For suppliers it is often difficult and time-consuming to compose one single assortment which attracts many different companies. How can you appeal to a large number of companies and provide a clear, mutual communication?

Are you a supplier and are you looking for someone with a great deal of experience in making lineplans for collections, private labels and specials? Are you looking for a decent entrepreneur who matches with your collection? Are you looking for someone with whom you can brainstorm about sizing, target groups, pricing, materials, delivery times and much more?

If you choose for Ellen Onrust Retail Service, you choose for a professional partner who can help you with all these matters. Because there is always more possible than you think!

Shall we have this conversation soon?